Woman Shot by Man on a Bike in Fulton River District

(WGN) A woman who was shot by a man riding a bicycle in the Fulton River District may have been targeted.

It happened just after noon Wednesday in the 200 block of North Milwaukee. Police said the woman, who works in Human Resources nearby, was walking on the sidewalk with coworkers headed to lunch, when a man on a bicycle rode up to the group.

The gunman passed the victim and her co-workers, before he went directly back to the woman and shot her in the back.

She was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery. She remains hospitalized and is stable.

Surveillance video shows the man, before the shooting, dressed in a baseball hat and dark clothing calmly walking his bicycle into a bike shop on Fulton Street for repair.

Video shows him waiting at the counter before paying. He then left the store.

No arrests have been made. Police did not give a possible motive for the shooting.

The investigation continues.

Article Org: wgntv.com.com

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