Woman, 67, Shot in Neck, Caught in Gang Crossfire in Brighton Park

(WGN) A 67 year old woman was shot while driving in the Brighton Park neighborhood, Monday.

The woman was driving her car on the 4000 block of south Western when gang members in a dark colored SUV opened fire on rival gang members in a light colored SUV.

The victim was driving by when she was hit by a stray round.

She suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and was stabilized at the scene and then transported to Mount Sinai Hospital. Her condition is unknown.

In and around the Brighton Park laundromat, terrified patrons beg us not to put them on-camera, saying they fear retribution if they talk about what they saw.

Off-camera, they say this started with a fight among rival gang members. Allegedly, a man and his girlfriend were trading insults and gang slogans with a small group of rivals before both groups fled to their SUVs parked outside.

It was just seconds after that, they say, that a handgun came out and someone in one of the trucks began firing at the other.

None of the intended targets were hit but a passerby was.

Police are investigating surveillance video but no one is in custody at this time.

We’re still waiting for an update on the condition of the victim.

Article Org: wgntv.com

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