Where the Hell has Bloody Chicago Been?

Alert: Maggio News/Bloody Chicago has been very busy the past couple of months, I will be putting out multiple video documentaries for my subscribers that are stuck in their homes during this Corona Virus lock down. I was going to put 3 of them up at Amazon Prime, but instead decided not to.

All of these will be put-out over the next couple of weeks the first one is a remake that has been expanded (Effects of Gun Violence in Chicago) 48 minutes long. The second is a remake that has also been expanded (Cops Gangs Guns and Murder on the Bloody Streets of Chicago) it is 45 minutes long.

The third one is (Ride Along Chicago Violence 2018) it is a four part series covering the entire year from summer to winter it is 3 hours long.

and the fourth one is (Ride Along Chicago Violence 2019)it is also 4 parts and is about two and a half hours long.

Then there is the big one (The Most Violent Roadways in Chicago) this documentary is 2 hours long; these will all be put up at YouTube. Once I release these videos 11 videos and you see the amount of time expense and work that goes into these videos you might want to donate or become Member of my YouTube Channel Bloody Chicago.

I told you months ago I would get to the bottom of the attack on me at Ricobene’s in Bridgeport by 5 extremely drunk thugs on Father’s Day 2019 And in have I believe one or two of them were cops. My lawyer put in a FOIA request of the body cam footage from CPD and got all the Body cam Footage of the incident. You won’t believe what three SCUMBAG!!! Chicago cops did. It’s BAD and it is all in their own words and actions they took against me during their investigation.

This was an obvious ATTACK by these cops against me personally and they violated my constitutional rights, they started this and now I am going to FINISH IT.

I’m amazed they gave the videos to us. There will be six videos released on March 21st and I want to make this point Crystal clear (THESE VIDEOS ARE NOT AN ANTI-COP, HATE ALL COPS VIDEOS) it’s only about these 3 cops and cops like them. I believe they have done this type of thing to others before and will continue to do this to others in the future. They were very slick at steering the investigation off the rails but what they didn’t count on was ME getting ahold of the investigation footage and there not going to like what I do with these videos. There are a lot of cops that support me, this I know because they tell me to my face and I greatly appreciate their support. Over the past ten years in the streets I’ve had a 90% positive interaction rate with Chicago Cops. You see it’s not about me it’s about you the cops that are doing this difficult job right.

The result of what these cops in the 9th District did to me has left me split down the middle, one half realizes how tough good cops jobs are and the other half has left me mistrustful of them at least for now. I now know firsthand how Anti-police sentiment is created. It is through these actions that the cooperation between cops and the community diminishes. Over the years people in the neighborhoods across Chicago have claimed to have been wronged at the hands of bad cops and a majority told me they would never trust or help police ever. When cops do bad things it only makes GOOD cops’ jobs more difficult and this is part of the reason why I’ve stayed off the streets cause I’m not sure what they have in store next. I have learned a valuable lesson after watching what they did to me and NOW I am better prepared from this experience. Video technology is now my truth and protection against the bad ones.

I am also doing this to show what bad cops clearly did to a journalist credentialed through Chicago Police Media Affairs Division for years. I have been a strong supporter of cops in so many ways but when cops are right, I support them and when they are wrong I call them out and some cops don’t like what I have to say and that’s to FN Bad. As a journalist in Chicago I have always tried to be FARE to all sides of this horrible life and death issue plaguing our city. Over the past two years a couple of cops have been writing me tickets, one physically assaulted me, quite a few have verbally harassed me, one charged at me like a crazed maniac and one sergeant had me removed from my car on a shooting scene of a 15 year old boy in the low rise Cabrini Green Projects. Instead of investigating the shooting he focused on me the supposed “police impersonator”. He called in a tactical SUV with 4 gang tactical cops in it and they searched my car. This sergeant accused me of impersonating a cop because I had a bullet proof vest on and drove a retired black police cruiser, they ignored my media credentials and camera I was filming with at the end he told me I was being put in the data base for police impersonators. After years of putting up with all this crap I never said a word about any of the things they were doing to me in my videos. I had enough after cops in the 9th district tried to railroad me on a gun charge after being attacked by 5 big drunk punks and nearly killed by one of the guys that hit me from behind with a brick and when I was knocked out in the street all 5 piled on top and kicked and punched me and 10 minutes later cops let them all go.

THEY ARE NOT going to force me off the streets, bet your Ass on it. I will be back out on the corona virus front line for a couple of days over the next two weeks to keep you updated on what really is happening in the streets. I am writing this for the record in case they have something more in store for me. I am hoping good cops understand and will support me against these BAD cops that are poisoning their ranks. In October I was personally informed by a cop that I was creating division in the Department between the patrol units and their leadership. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me she was concerned about my safety I asked from the gangs? She said NO… I am a fan of your work please be safe. That conversation told me all I needed to know about how some cops felt about me and what I was doing in the streets.

If I can’t raise funding through either subscriptions or donations. I will not be able to do this work anymore at least not this year. If that is the case, I have two last documentaries to make.

One will be about my dog Sprite. I documented his life through videos and photos. To me he was that “once in a lifetime” dog who become one with me by no choice of his own. He witnessed things with me that only a small minority of the population will ever see. These things I can’t explain to this day. His story is riveting and compelling on so many levels.

The last Bloody Chicago video will be a 3-part 3-hour series titled “An in-depth interview with Bloody Chicago”. I will lay it all out in this video. I have held back a lot of facts opinions and footage which will shock many and piss off some. When I started this 6 years ago, I wanted to make a movie. I figured I would spend a year in the streets and that would be it, but it didn’t work out like that. I ended up discovering some things about myself through my experiences with my Granddaughter and Sprite. One of which was that I really cared and the other was I found that I had a strong empathic side deep in my soul for most of the victims. That’s why I continued going back to the streets. When I go out into the streets, I go alone with no back up and I risk it all to try to make a difference. If I can’t continue because of financial reasons I will finish those two videos and then I plan to just fade away. Thanks to all that believed in me and what I was trying to do out there. Hopefully I can continue we will see?

Vic Maggio? Bloody Chicago

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