West-side Chicago Police-Involved Shooting Ends in Suspects Death

Bloody Chicago: COPA Released a video of a police-involved shooting that took place on May 11th on the 3500 block of west Douglas in the Lawndale neighborhood.

The video shows a frenetic foot chase of an armed man

According to cops, this all started when they stopped a known gang member who they say showed a gun and then took off running toward the Lawndale community academy school.

And that’s when the pursuing cop claimed the 26-year-old ex-con and convicted gang member Sharell Brown pointed a gun at him, but did not fire, but the cop did fire. But eventually lost sight of the suspect after the shots were fired.

Cops then flooded the area and a massive manhunt for Sharell Brown was underway. During the search they found a magazine along the chase route
the cop who engaged Brown said the magazine wasn’t from his gun but that he did reload and kept his empty clip in his pocket.

During the fog of war cops searching for brown pulled over a man with a concealed carry and at first thought he was the suspect, but had they listened to the original police radio transmission, they would have heard the suspect had a Nike logo tattooed on his forehead, this man did not have that tattoo, he was given his gun back and released.

minutes later there was more gunfire.

Brown was shot and killed in a gangway a few blocks from the initial encounter. He is seen motionless, lying on the concrete up against the building. The armed cop standing over his body is seen removing a gun from the man’s hands, but the gun didn’t appear to have a magazine in it. The cop that shot brown did not have his body-cam on at the time of the shooting, leaving questions to how it ended.

It looks as though Brown dumped the clip or accidentally ejected the clip during the chase possibly leaving him with an empty gun or a gun with only one bullet in the chamber and it unclear if he ever fired on cops at any time during the two interactions, the questions that are now left are, did he fire that gun at cops and if he didn’t why didn’t he get rid of the gun, as long as he had that gun loaded or unloaded cops had the green-light to stop him. Had he dumped the gun it might have saved his life. We’ll never know. This is an all too familiar situation man goes up against Chicago cops with a gun, it always ends the same they LOSE the battle.

A spokesman for COPA said no conclusions have been reached in this case yet

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