Washington State Gov. 6 Underground Nuclear Tanks Are Leaking


Washington State Officials claim six underground tanks that hold a brew of radioactive and toxic waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site Hanford are leaking. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, said the leaking material poses no immediate risk to public safety or the environment because it would take a years to reach groundwater. “We received very disturbing news today,” the governor said. “I think that we are going to have a course of new action and that will be vigorously pursued in the next several weeks.

These tanks at Hanford are long past their intended 20-year life span — raising concerns that even more tanks could be leaking. Authority’s claimed the tanks were stabilized in 2005. Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge, a Hanford watchdog group, said Friday “none of these tanks would be acceptable for use today”. The Federal Government spends $2 billion each year on Hanfords cleanup annually, one-third of its entire budget for nuclear cleanup nationally, this figure could increase over the next year to $3.5 billion for the cleanup effort this will continue to increase every year the effort continues. These leaks have sparked high priority hearings coming up in Washington, D.C. this summer. The U.S. government built the Hanford facility at the height of World War II as part of the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb; this makes parts of the Hanford facility over 70 years old.

Article Org: CBSNews.com

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