Warning Graphic: Stop the Bleeding in Chicago

Maggio News, Bloody Chicago, Video: My Name is Victor Maggio of Maggio News/Bloody Chicago. I am a citizen journalist that’s been in the heart of the violence for over 4 1/2 years. I am raising money to save lives by attempting to outfitting the entire Chicago Police Department with lifesaving trauma kits put together by North American Rescue specifically for the CPD. Currently the Chicago Police Department Officers have to watch people lose their lives waiting for emergency technicians to arrive. There is a desperate need for 10,000 of these kits in Chicago. These kits have many uses and will save innocent lives of children and the lives of those who have gone down the wrong path.

These are few stats to think about 99.7% of all the people shot in Chicago are civilians, and 40% of the people shot are caught in gang crossfire, and just under 3 tenths of one percent are cops injured or shot in the line of duty. Last year 670 of the 2936 victims wounded in shootings, ranged in ages from 13 to 19. Out of these 670 teens shot, 105 of them were killed. and this is what the campaign is all about, saving lives.

I must admit my reason for all this is a selfish one, to me, personally it’s about the kids that are being shot and killed throughout the neighborhoods of Chicago, imagine for a minute what it’s like for cops when they arrive on these shootings of kids, and are not able to help them in the way they know they could, if they had the right equipment.

The cost of these kits is $83.00 a piece so we need to raise $830,000 plus we will need to purchase about $80,000 in refills which brings us to $900,000 total to complete this mission. The key components in these kits are consumables and will need to be restocked as they are used, so they will need additional boxes of clot pads.

When the amount is raised I will purchase these kits and the refills from NAR and the kits will be shipped directly to the Chicago Police Department and then they will be quickly distributed to officers, and this will help make the difference between life and death for Residents, and cops here in Chicago. The Chicago Police Department is already trained and ready to use these kits. They are just in dire need of the kits. 

This is a joint fundraising effort between Maggio News and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk to raise as much as possible for this project.

So please donate to, Stop the Bleeding in Chicago at https://www.gofundme.com/stop-the-bleeding-in-chicago


Thank you for your support.

Vic Maggio
Vic Maggio

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