Warning Graphic, Bloody Chicago, Most Dangerous Police Patrol Beat in The City

That is the 11th district Chicago police station, it is home to patrol beat 1133, beat 1133 in 2016 was designated the most dangerous and violent beat of the 303 beats that patrol the streets Chicago. Beat 1133 patrols the Homan Square neighborhood.

The first shooting I covered in the Homan square neighborhood happened on Monday March 14th 2016 in the 3700 block of west Polk street. In this incident three Chicago Police Officers were shot during a drug investigation. The three officers were shot by a reputed member of the Vice Lords street gang. Gang member Lamar Harris was shot and killed by police. The shooter had been arrested more than 40 times since 2000 for drugs and violence against the police. All three officers, recovered from their wounds.

Homan square is a very small area that has seen a massive increase in Gun violence over 2016. The Homan Square neighborhood had 16 murders last year that was more than it saw in the previous five years combined. Patrol beat 1133 had not seen more than eight murders in a year. There were also 45 nonfatal shootings that were far and away the most in a single year since 2000, and more than twice as many as in 2015. What is causing this dramatic rise in gun violence in the Homan Square neighborhood and across the city?

The second shooting Maggio news covered in the Homan Square neighborhood happened on September 5th 2016 on the Labor Day holiday. A man and a woman were shot sitting in a parked blue Chevy Camaro in the 3300 block of West Flournoy. The shooter suddenly came out of the shadows and started pumping off shots at the couple, the woman was struck twice and the man once. Chaotic shooting scenes like this would echo throughout Homan square all year long,

In early 2015 Chicago was threatened with a law suit by the ACLU over stop and frisk. The city reached an agreement with the ACLU to avoid a long fight in the courts a compromise was reached in late 2015, did this compromise by Chicago’s leadership contribute to the massive rise in shootings across the city and is this decision also responsible for the 80% decrease in police stops over 2016.

The last shooting Maggio news covered in the Homan Square neighborhood was a police involved shooting that took place over the thanks giving weekend.

A man was shot and killed by Chicago Police officers after they saw him shoot two other people, killing one and wounding another. Harrison District officers heard gunfire while on patrol, they saw a man standing over another person and firing a gun near the intersection of Harrison and Central Park Avenue.

That’s when officers got out of their squad car and fatally shot him. a weapon was recovered at the scene. It is very rare to capture on video one of these violent shootings from begging to end in this case it has been achieved.

The sheer magnitude of the violence plaguing Chicago is having adverse effects on the residents of high crime neighborhoods like Homan Square, the violence also affects Chicago’s first responders, and police. 16 of the 800 crosses that marched down Michigan avenue in late December 2016, belong to the little enclave called Homan square.

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