War is Being Waged on Everything but Islamic Terror


The most apparent flaw of the left leaning Politicians in this country is they do not recognize an enemy, even when confronted with mounting evidence that proves otherwise. It has been over 10 years since thousands of New Yorkers were murdered by Muslim terrorists; in the meantime NY Mayor Bloomberg is declaring victory in the War on Salt. Next up he plans to wage a spring offensive on Styrofoam cups “Insanity” in this new age, Politicians are fighting wars on food ingredients, the bags we carry them in and the containers out of which we eat and drink out of the easy battles to win because they do not offend any particular race or religion this is much more convenient and easier to do.

The United States has lost the War in Afghanistan a minor matter that no mainstream media news outlet can find the time to report on because they’re too busy covering a breaking story about a Republican senator taking a sip of a water and a cruise ship that they are trying to make into the greatest tragedy to be fall modern man. But who can find the time to fight a war against Islamic terrorists.

The military has still been unable to identify the Fort Hood Massacre as a terrorist attack and fires any instructor who talks about Islam as anything other than a wonderful Religion of Peace practiced by our closest allies in Saudi Arabia.

During Obama’s State of the Union Address he announced that the mission in Afghanistan had been completed because Al Qaeda was defeated. Then he explained that while the war was over, American soldiers would have to go on staying in Afghanistan to continue fighting the already defeated Al Qaeda in a war that was no longer a war but an extended vacation with shooting. The War on Terror may have been a tough nut to crack, but the new change in direction chosen by our cowardly politicians is to focus on everything but the war on terror.

During the election, Obama promised to begin “nation building” at home. Since that usually involves destroying a country’s military, wrecking its industrial base and then feeding them off the back of trucks while communicating with them only through interpreters, it looks like he’s making good on his promise. Chicago already looks more like Kabul or Baghdad than America.

The left has blown the war against Islamic terrorism. For the most part it has chosen not to fight it. Its real enemy isn’t some bearded guy sitting in a cave with a Kalashnikov, as it turns out, salt, plastic bags and Trans fats are the real enemy of the American people, who knew? In the future these fools will get many more Americans killed in the name of good Health, incompetent morons.

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