Violent Summer of 2019 Ends, 142 People Murdered in Chicago

BLOODY CHICAGO VIDEO: The Bloody summer in Chicago, claimed 142, men, teens, women, from neighborhoods across the city.
Over the last two weekends, 15 people were killed, and 39 others were wounded in shootings on the bloody streets of Chicago. The summer is ending, and it’s been a tough one, despite a double-digit drop-in shootings and homicides during the months of July and August, over the summer months I covered 5 Mass shootings were at least five or as high as 8 were shot at one time.

This year has been a deadly one for the women of Chicago, 44 have been killed and 231 were wounded in shootings, but the big number is the amount of men that were shot this year, 304 men and teens were killed, and 1337 were wounded in shootings only 9 months into the year.

Over the summer time in Chicago a person is shot every 3 hours and a person is killed every 16 hours, the homicide clearance rate is a dismal 9.5% out of the 294 homicides only 28 suspects were charged and no suspects have been charged in the remaining 266 homicides to date. I understand CPD was short almost 300 detectives last year, and I am well aware it takes time to train new detectives, but this clearance rate needs to move up not down, like it has been, putting New detectives on should be top priority, by the brass of the CPD.

The Chicago police have had a very difficult last week of summer a Veteran of the fugitive unit was shot three times and was critically wounded, and another cop was also injured in the west Englewood incident. A couple of hours earlier 2 cops were critically injured and dragged by a fleeing vehicle in Bronzeville, and then there were two suicides, 40-year-old Paul Escamilla a highly decorated police officer was found dead in a north side forest preserve. A 61-year-old retired Chicago police officer was found with a gunshot wound to the head on the south side. People need to realize cops are human beings too and some struggle with the extreme pressure that comes with this difficult job they do every day……..

So far this year there have been 2100 people shot 361 have been killed and 1738 have been wounded and there have been 9 police involved shootings that left 5 dead and 4 wounded.

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