Violent Fall Season in Chicago, 5 Killed, 35 Wounded in Weekend Shootings

Bloody Chicago Video: The Fall season has arrived in Chicago and the teachers are on strike the weather is good and the stage is set for a very violent weekend. And it was exactly that, very violent. I covered two shootings on the westside in 4-hour period 5 young teens were shot and one of the boys was killed. I also covered 2 adult homicides.
Saturday the westside and the southside both seen a lot of violence, and it was chaos a CFD ambulance and a police SUV crashed on the way to help 3 teens shot in an apartment blocks away, 2 cops and two paramedics were injured in this accident.

The good news to report is Officer Police Officer Adam Wazny is out of the hospital, he was shot by a shooting suspect in West Englewood last month serving a warrant. I happened to meet Pastor Donavon Price, he is a grief counselor that helps the families of shooting victims and homicide victims in Chicago. I see good things in this man and think we will get together and do a video discussion on the issues plaguing these communities.

Most of you that follow me on YouTube know why I am out here, it’s about the youngest the kids that have no choice in all this madness taking place in their neighborhoods and this is the third year to make their day by passing out as much candy as possible.

The first year I passed out 2 duffle bags and the second 3 and this year I need 8 duffle bags full of candy, and I never by cheap crap I only buy the best, so far this year I have had one big donation of 250.00 dollars by Bill Montgomery senior adviser at Turning point USA I put in 200 myself, any donations should go to Exposing the Gun Violence in Chicago @ Gofundme.

From oct 23 till oct 30th the money collected will be spent on the kids from the hardest neighborhoods of Chicago, this year I would like to add two additional duffle bags of candy this year for one more police district and Donavan prices church so please donate what you can, every little bit helps, that’s for sure.
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