Video Trailer: Chicago Cops in the 9th District Railroad Bloody Chicago Journalist

Six videos pertaining to this unfortunate event will be all released on APRIL 21st 2020 on YouTube and they will all be shown in their entirety, 4 videos will be left unedited and two videos will be edited and combined to show the time line and the chain of events that played out. The two videos have all been inserted with captioning so there is no mistake in what is being said and done by these bad Cops. I couldn’t believe CPD blacked out all the cops faces. WHY? just wait and see what they conspired to do during this investigation.

I would like to first start out by thanking all the Chicago Cops, Firemen, Paramedics and all the hospital personal and everyone else working on the front lines during this Chinese Corona Virus pandemic please stay safe and healthy our prayers are with you, god bless all of you. Most of the public just do not realize how important you are to the general public until something like this happens.

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