Video: 280 Homicides Over Violent Summer in Chicago 2020

Bloody Chicago Video: This video documents the deaths of 280 men women and children over the 94 days of summer here in Chicago, I displayed every homicide victims name in this video in an attempt to bring humanity to the inhumanity that took place this summer.

Going into the summer of 2020 the clouds of extreme violence rolled into Chicago, the city was on virus lock down and total chaos reigned supreme due to the George Floyd riots …. business owners had to dig out from not one, but two riots, and society was on the ledge looking down and all of this set the stage for the perfect storm that rampaged through Chicago like a F5 tornado, when summer arrived, Cops, Paramedics, Fireman, were already over worked and exhausted from the riots the shootings and killings that never seem to end,, and the mayor had her sights set on Social distancing and mask violators as mass lockdown protest parties raged on all over the city.

The madness accelerated seeing 58 minors shot during the month of July and there were multiple mass shootings across the city and July turned out to be the deadliest Month in Chicago history. Domestic violence and suicides surged and 5 children under the age of ten were shot and killed Over 150 cops were injured during the riots and some were shot over the summer months, but cops kept at it and took more than 3,000 guns off the streets all of this and much more took place over the 94 days of summer on the Bloody Streets of Chicago.

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