Vic’s Down, But Not Out !!!!!

Bloody Chicago VIDEO: Before I could complete this video, I was injured in an incident on the Southside of Chicago on Father’s day, I suffered a head injury a leg and knee injury, I can’t discuss the circumstances, but I will address it in detail in the near future, I am presently down, but not out, that’s for sure. It maybe a month or more till I return to the streets.

I would like to thank everyone that donated to my gofundme page at exposing the gun violence in Chicago, it will help when I return to do what I have been doing for years, showing just how horrible it all is.

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  1. Lloyd Brown
    July 9, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Hope you recover quickly and fully. Love your videos, very well put together, excellent video quality, and agree with you on your thoughts on the causes. We need more honest reporters like you showing what is really going on and the reasons behind it. Luckily, crime is minimal where I am, especially compared to where you are. I am out in the country about 30 miles west of Winston-Salem, N.C. If we hear a siren, it is likely an ambulance going to an accident or most likely to a person having a medical emergency at their home. There is some crime in the county, but most of it is in other areas away from where I live. If I am feeling down, all I have to do is watch one of your videos and see what so many innocent people have to live with in their neighborhood. I can be very thankful for where I live and what I have. Get well soon and keep up the good work. Lloyd in N.C.

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