UPDATED VERSION: The Making of Bloody Chicago

This video has been dedicated in my granddaughter’s name, Bailee Ann Zaker who passed away October 2nd 2013. This video dedication is in remembrance to all the children that have been shot on the Bloody Streets of Chicago. Bailee is the motivating force behind this dangerous monumental task Maggio News has started and aims to finish.

The Summer of 2016 has been a very violent one in Chicago. Maggio News has criss crossed the city covering shootings in almost every Neighborhood in Chicago. The public keeps asking the same question over and over why is this mass violence happening in Chicago, and how do we stop it.

There are multiple contributing factors to the formula that makes up the violent culture that is spreading throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Maggio News will cover the full spectrum of issues in a much larger project in the near future. As of Friday October 2nd 2016 there have been 574 people killed and 3325 people wounded in shootings. Chicago is well on its way to surpass 600 murders this year these statistics are basically war zone stats. Maggio News has taken on the monumental task of attempting to make the problems plaguing Chicago understandable, if we don’t understand the root causes of these problems they can never be FIXED.

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