Unedited: BC Railroaded by Bad Chicago Cops in 9th District

These are unedited bodycam videos we had to fight to get from CPD look at how they blurred everything and everyone in them WHY? Compare the police report to what took place in this incident and you be the judge, police misconduct like this takes place a lot in Chicago. If you did not notice none of these cops cared what me or Maggie had to say and neither investigating cops took our statements or the statements of witnesses the criminals were the witnesses and they took 5 drunks and his little sisters statements and listed her as a witness even when she lied and said she wasn’t out there and there is that manger that changed her story, many things were purposely ignored by these cops. In my 12 years in the streets 5 years covering riots and radical groups and 7 years on the Bloody streets of Chicago I have never seen lazier cops do the most bias incompetent investigation and was clearly a railroad job. This could be you one day beware of bad cops.

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