Two identical SUVs Hit in Shooting on I-57, One by Mistake

Two vehicles were targeted in shootings on outbound I-57 in the southwest suburbs Wednesday afternoon, according to Illinois State Police, who say the first car appears to have been the intended target, while the second, similar vehicle was apparently shot by mistake.

Police say the first victim, a male driver, noticed a silver Chevrolet Impala following him near 102nd and Indiana in Chicago. After he got on I-57 going southbound, the Impala followed him, and around 2:20 p.m. the passengers opened fire at his car.

Sometime soon after, Patricia Lipscomb was driving on I-57 about one half mile north of 147th St. when her car was suddenly struck by a bullet.

“When I was getting on the expressway at 127th, minding my own business, I got halfway to get off on 147th, someone came on the side of me and shot my truck – I just heard a pop,” Patricia Lipscomb said.

Both cars targeted in the shootings are late-model Nissan Muranos that are similar colors. Now both sport matching bullet holes on the driver’s side. Neither of the drivers were injured. Police say Lipscomb was targeted by mistake.

Another fact that’s still sinking-in: just how close she came to getting shot by mistake: a little under 18 inches.

“I’m still shaken up and kinda shocked and everything… I just can’t believe it happened on the expressway,” Lipscomb said.

Southbound lanes were closed near the site of the shooting as investigators searched for shell casings, leaving traffic along the expressway tangled for hours. Drivers rerouted as best they could to get around the crime scene until the lanes were reopened.

The intended victims couldn’t patch up their shot-up car and move on quickly enough, as witnesses left behind were left to wonder, not for the first time: what’s happening on our expressways.

Police say the incident is under investigation, and anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call the ISP at 847-294-4400.


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