Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk on the Dennis Prager Show

Maggio News is back working with the country’s largest conservative activist youth group, Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk is the 22 year old Founder and Director of this organization. This young man’s group is represented at over one thousand college and high school campuses around the country. I will be traveling around the country with these young people over the next couple of months to help them change the hearts and minds of America’s liberal youth on campuses throughout the U.S. Maggio News made this video and has made many others for TPUSA. We at Maggio News feel the only way to effect substantial long lasting change is to start with the youth of America. Take a listen to how articulate this young man is, they say he will be President in the next 20 years. In fact, Charlie has more common sense in his little finger then most politicians have in their entire body.

Video Org: Turning Point USA

Victor Maggio-Editor and Chief of Maggio News

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