Turning Point USA Founder Bill Montgomery Passed Away Today RIP My Friend

Maggio News VIDEO: I am sorry to report Turning Point USA Founder and Director Bill Montgomery passed away at age 80 on July 28th 2020 from complications from Covid 19. Bill was a unique personality to say the least, throughout his life he was involved in Publishing, the restaurant Business, he was a business development consultant and many other things, in late 2012 I meet Bill outside a theater and I interviewed him and he wanted Charlie Kirk to meet me and he went and got him, and this was the start of our 7 and a half year journey that ended today. in 2012 Charlie and Bill founded Turning point USA, I watched Bill and Charlie build TPUSA into the massive organization it is today.

Bill was a friend a mentor and sometimes a tough adversary on the issues of the day, I will miss Bill he taught me a lot of things about people of all stripes and life in general, he knew how to motivate and create he was a builder and a hustler and that is what we had in common, he was a street kid from Peoria and I was a street kid from Chicago and that was what created the bond we had. Rest in Peace my friend, see ya soon
Vic Maggio