Transgender MMA Fighter: Beating the Hell Out of Real Female Fighters

Mixed martial arts fighter Fallon Fox, who was born a male and had a sex change to become a woman, said she doesn’t believe she has “an automatic advantage over other female MMA fighters.”

“Some people believe I have an automatic advantage over other female MMA fighters, so they think ‘well she has to be stronger, because she used to be a male,’ but if they look into the science of it and what the hormones do to the body, to the male body once taken over a period of time…it dissipates. That’s what they found, which is one of the reasons why the IOC the International Olympic Committee has allowed post-operative trans people to participate in the Olympics,” Fallon said in a documentary currently in production.

Just because you remove the official man part and change the name to Fallon Fox still does not change the fact, that the frame is a man’s frame. This makes this type of competition unfair to real female MMA opponents. What would be fare is for Mr. Fallen Fox to get in the ring with real men in the MMA. This situation is legalized boy on girls violence that has been sanctioned by the MMA.

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