Transcribed: Railroaded by Bad Chicago Cops in 9th District

In my 12 years in the streets 5 years covering riots and radical groups and 7 years on the Bloody streets of Chicago I have never seen lazier cops do the most bias incompetent investigation and was clearly a railroad job. This could be you one day beware of bad cops.

These bodycam videos were transcribed by me ,I had to fight to get them from CPD look at how they blurred everything and everyone in them WHY? Compare the police report to what took place in this incident and you be the judge, police misconduct like this takes place every day here in Chicago. Paper Cop Willam Shejbal Badge# 2861 never interviewed me nor did bike cop both were running the investigation, but bike cop 2 briefly listened to me for a whole 33 seconds in the very beginning and my mistake was handing this cop my media credentials. Bad Chicago Cop Willam Shejbal ignored the head cashiers’ statement, that was working the register in the front she seen it all the most important word out of her mouth was Honestly, everyone honestly seen the one group of guys started with the other guy. Never did Bad Chicago Cop Willam Shejbal follow up with her with an interview statement he ignored and brushed off her statement and many other witnesses’ statements. While in the ambulance one cop threatened me with a gun charge if I pressed charges on the 5 thugs and there is much more. This is uncut unedited original footage from CPD through a FOIA freedom of information ACT. Watch what this punk cop does and says, this cop is as unprofessional as it gets. This cop was just on the scene he had nothing to do with the investigation he was OK as far as I know he did nothing wrong the footage exposes a lot listen to what is said. This cop was cop Willam Shejbals trainee that just hung around and watched. I was left with multiple permanent injuries due to this aggravated assault or it could be viewed as attempted murder he hit me over the head with a brick or a chunk of concrete and then tried to take my gun, this cop let this criminal walk free, and he will most likely do this to someone else in the future. Now I it is over and no one was ever held accountable including the business Ricobenes it happened in they failed to protect their patrons from five drunks that were starting trouble for over 15 minutes .

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