Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago #9 2017

The Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood is home to white city park, the parkway gardens projects, and has the most violent block, O Block.

One positive thing this neighborhood has going for it, is New Beginnings Church and Pastor Corey Brooks and his youth organization Project Hood. What this area really needs is JOBS.

Out of all the top ten neighborhoods Grand Crossing and South Shore are the two I spent the least amount of time in because they are so far east.

Updated: This year in the Grand Crossing neighborhood, 131 people have been shot and, 22 have been killed and 109 have been wounded. These stats rank Grand Crossing at number 9 on the 2017 list of the most Violent neighborhoods in Chicago. This video was made 6 weeks before the year ended.

This video contains a mass shooting in the neighboring community of Chatham where 2 brothers were killed, and 5 others were wounded on Christmas day 2016.

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