Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago #7 2017

The South shore neighborhood has some of the most beautiful shore line in the city, and is home to South Shore Cultural Center, Rainbow Beach, Terror Town, and the historic district, the Jackson Park Highlands.

The neighborhood has seen a massive increase in crime since 2000, because of placement of residents from Chicago’s most violent public housing projects and because of this South shore is now the subsidized housing capitol of Chicago.

South Shore is a good example of how political leaders attempted to rectify one mistake with another.

I hold out hope for South Shore, but unfortunately, I think the damage has already been done.

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  1. Babette
    February 4, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    How I loved growing up in magnificent South Shore.Paupers and princes, ex cons and newspaper publishers living in the same block. The Beach, tennis courts, ice skating. Small businesses to shop at. It didn’t have to be ruined.

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