Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago #6 2017

The Auburn Gresham Neighborhood is home to the Thurgood Marshall Branch of the Chicago public library, St. Sabina Church, headed by Rev. Michael Pfleger, and St. Leo campus for veterans, which includes the Catholic Charities’ St. Leo’s residence-based outpatient clinic.

The Neighborhood has seen many tough times and a lot of violence and has seen a substantial drop in population over the past couple of decades. This is directly due to crime. This neighborhoods gang problem really took off because of the piss poor economy created in the late 70s forcing many young black men to the streets to make a living. This period in time seen the rise of the mega gangs.

I have met a lot of good people in this neighborhood and hope this hood is not on the list next year.

Attention: YouTube adds, these videos 1-10, along with the trailer should not have adds in them, these videos are being done specifically to call attention to the Violence in Chicago, I do not want to make money off of this ongoing tragedy Period…….. Thank You.

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