Story of 13-Year-old, Adam Toledo, Shot, Killed by Chicago Cop

Give this video wings and spread it far and wide, I gave it my all I have not slept in 3 days.

Bloody Chicago Video: Most of you know how I feel about the deaths of Kids it is a hard subject that I must force myself to watch and then write stories like this, my overall premise is to bring some humanity and truth to this and other Horrific incidents, just like this one. The Adam Toledo story is tragic because he was destroyed by adults and his story is far too common amongst some kids today and this happens on many different violent and abusive levels, what the hell are we doing to these kids today. Along time ago hands off the kids was the creed that our society and parents lived and died bye, but today its different, and this must change because if it does not the future will not look very bright.

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