State Accidently Released Violent Murder Suspect, Manhunt Underway

A manhunt was underway Monday for an accused killer mistakenly released from state custody.

Garrett Glover, 29, was set free when he should have been held in custody in lieu of $2 million bond.

Now, he is the target of a citywide manhunt as Cook County officials try to figure out how the screw-up happened.

Glover is accused in a 2012 expressway shooting that resulted in the death of a man who had just become a father that day.

Glover is considered dangerous and Cook County Sheriff’s officials told the I-Team the search is “all hands on deck.”

Glover was being held at the Cook County Jail for the past two years for attempted armed robbery and separately on charges from the 2012 shooting murder of a motorist Larry Porter on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Last Thursday in a county courtroom, Glover was sentenced for the attempt armed robbery.

On Friday, he was transported to Stateville prison, where authorities determined he had already served enough time to be eligible for parole and he was released.

The South Side man should have been taken back into custody by Cook County and held in the expressway murder case even though he had satisfied his sentence for the unrelated armed robbery.

Cook County officials said Monday that they are trying to figure out where the breakdown in communication occurred resulting in Glover’s release.

In a statement late Monday from Illinois corrections department officials, said they “did not receive any additional documentation or information indicating he should be held beyond his February 24, 2017 release date.”

Fugitive officers from the sheriff’s department and from the Illinois Department of Corrections were now involved in an “active search” for the accused killer, authorities say. Continue Reading

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