Shooters and Killers an American Epidemic?

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Bloody Chicago, Remake Video: Over the years in Chicago I have covered dozens of multiple person shootings and over the month of August I covered 4, where at least 4 or more people were shot in a single incident. The labor day weekend arrived and I decided not to go out and cover the shootings, because I feel people are basically sick and tired of all this madness.

There where 2 mass shootings earlier this month, one in El Paso Texas and one in Dayton Ohio, And over the Labor day holiday weekend there were 2 more mass shootings, one in Mobile, Alabama and the next day there was another in Odessa Texas, All of these shootings combined combined left 38 people dead and over 80 others wounded.

Now last month here in Chicago 46 people were shot and killed and 241 were wounded. When the statistics are broke down, they show there is a mass shooting nearly every week in Chicago.

These horrific mass shootings, begin and end with evil individuals that in some cases have no rhyme or reason for the crimes they commit, and then theirs this new reactionary overly emotional society that has some seeking instant revenge, at any cost. when you add in unchecked mental illness, and lets not forget about unproven Psychotropic drugs being prescribed to some of these mass shooters becomes a recipe for disaster.

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