Senator Patty Murray (D) Proposed Budget Increases Spending 62% over the Next Ten Years


INSANITY: Democrat Budget Committee Chairwoman Senator Patty Murray laid out a budget proposal for President Obama while lunching with him in the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, it looks as though it was crafted on the planet mars. What these democrats are proposing is increasing spending every year over the ten year budget period. The federal government will spend $3.599 trillion; under Murray’s budget disaster and this will increase spending by $162 billion more each year and over the next ten years will increase spending 62%, this is delusional or purposeful either way it is unsustainable to continue on this destructive course. The sad part of all this is in ten years when this economy collapses this president and most of the temporary politicians of the Jim Jones Brigade will be long gone, why do we allow these people to craft any budget plan that exceeds a 2 year period which is equal to a congressional term.

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