Rubio the RINO’s Reason for Legalizing Illegals, ‘They Are Driving on Our Streets Without a Driver’s License’


Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), one of eight senators who have crafted legislation that would put illegal aliens on a path to U.S. citizenship, explained in a Senate floor speech yesterday that one of the reasons he wants to do this is that he believes illegal aliens are currently driving on U.S. roads without drivers licenses and auto insurance and his bill would encourage them to get licenses and buy insurance.

Rubio explained that under his bill ilegal aliens who “have committed serious crimes” will be deported. However, the proposal will apparently not deem as a serious crime the habit of routinely driving without a driver’s license. “We have people in this country who are having children who are U.S. citizens and they go to our schools; they are driving on our streets without a driver’s license, which means they have no car insurance, which means all of us have to pay more in car insurance as a result,” said Rubio. “This is obviously not good for them, but it is not good for us.” Rubio said that the first reason he wants to legalize illegal aliens is “because it is in the best interest of our country.” Continue Reading

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