River of Violence in Chicago Consumes All it Touches

I have a message for all the people working directly in the trenches of Chicago’s WAR zone, the unprecedented levels of violence that are being dealt with regularly in this city, are very damaging to the heart the mind and the soul, and as the Blood flows through the neighborhoods of Chicago like a winding a river of sadness, with no end in sight. We must start to think about all the casualties that are physiologically affected by all this violence. it is important that these wounds are addressed in a similar fashion as a gunshot victim would be treated for his or her wounds. it is an individual responsibility all involved must manage, because if left un managed, the river has a way of sudeley over taking you and drowning you in its current of sorrow, changing you and in most cases not for the better, and you won’t even realize it.

Each must create an outlet that allows a form of release if you want to survive the onslaught, I Know this firsthand, because over the past five years I used myself as a test case and documented every change that occurred within me over this period. And there have been many, I Know for a fact we all share nights when we come home and bury our faces in the pillow and try to forget the horror of it all, it is much easier to manage the conscious state of mind, but where the problem lies is, in the subconscious, that always creeps in at night when we are at our most vulnerable, when I started this mission 5 years ago, the faces of gunshot victims started following me home, and 2 years later it became a bus load of faces, and five years later it has now grown into a caravan of busses full of faces, that every so often invade my sleep and infiltrate my dreams.

There are times I wonder why I go back to the Carnage? unfortunately the longer I stay away the harder it gets harder to return to the streets. Each person deals with the never-ending stress brought on by all this madness differently, and it is crucial to be on guard against the effects that these horrific events entail. And it is imperative you Leave all of it in the streets and take time for your selves and spend as much time as you can with family and friends. this clears the circuits of the mind and recharges and reenergizes you, so you can, do it over and over again.

The ones I am really concerned about are the children of these neighborhoods that are swept up in this tsunami of violence and are directly affected by all this madness. I believe they need the most immediate attention. And I Please Don’t Forget about these kids.

I Think the time has come to take my own advice and take time away and do some fishing with my buddy sprite here see ya in a week and please stay safe out there.

When I was a young man and old gangster from 63rd and Racine told me, your gonna learn there’s not a lot of loyalty and understanding throughout one’s life, if you want loyalty and understanding then get a DOG.

Maggio News signing off

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