RIP Greg Zanis The Cross Man

On May 5th 2020 unsung hero 69-year-old Greg Zanis passed away from bladder cancer in his home in Aurora Illinois in the early hours Monday. Greg Zanis was a carpenter by trade, and he is the is the founder of Crosses for Losses, he became known as the cross man. He made handmade memorials for 23 years to commemorate victims of mass shootings and natural disasters across the country.

Over his 23-year quest to make a difference Greg has traveled over 800K miles setting up 27,000 handmade crosses for the victims and their families. I lot of people don’t know this, but Greg kept handwritten notebooks full of the 27.000 names of the victims he built memorials for.

I met Greg briefly in 2016 during the crosses march for Chicago’s over 800 homicide victims, he seemed like a nice guy to me but it was the look in his eyes, what he had in his eyes, is what’s missing in many of our fellow human beings today. It was now clear to me that he genially cared and believed in what he was doing.

I would like to extend my condolences to the Zanis Family, Greg Zanis was one of a kind and the world needs more like him Mr Zantis you will be missed by many tens of thousands and now sadly the time has come for you to unite with the people you championed throughout your life.

Rest in Peace Mr Greg Zanis

Vic Maggio

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