Radical Groups Release List of Demands on How to Reform the Chicago Police Department

(WGN) A coalition of community groups in Chicago, including Black Lives Matter, the Chicago Urban League and the NAACP, has just released its list of demands for court-mandated reforms in the police department.

The coalition won a key courtroom victory in March when a judge ruled they should have a voice in the process. In the meantime, they agreed to put several lawsuits against the City of Chicago on hold.

On Tuesday, they used that voice. The key demands were revealed at Northwestern and are related to the use of force by Chicago police and the elimination of what they call racism and bias in policing.

The group saved some of its strongest criticism for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The City of Chicago told WGN that police reform is already underway and it’s working with the attorney general to develop a consent decree that would act as a road map for further changes.

The activists said these changes have left them extremely skeptical about the will on the part of the city to make meaningful reforms.

A spokesperson from Lisa Madigan’s office said they are working hard on the process and expect to have some results available for a period of public consultation sometime this summer.

Article Org: wgntv.com

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