Police Shoot, Kill Suspect in St. Louis, Armed Tactical Teams Move in to Stop Angry Protesters


There was a police-involved shooting this morning in North St. Louis in the same area where a Tuskegee airman was robbed and carjacked this week.

One person is dead.

The suspect fired on police.

But angry crowds are gathering anyway.

The crowds are gathering in the street!

The people are screaming at police!

There is a massive crowd in the street.

The suspect’s cousin said he just graduated from high school

Police have shot and killed a suspect in north St. Louis this Wednesday morning. The shooting happened in the 1200 block of Walton in St. Louis City. Police say the officer is not injured.

Chief Sam Dotson says two armed male suspects ran out of the back of a home near the intersection of Page and Walton in north St. Louis on Wednesday. Two police officers executing a search warrant chased the suspects running from the home.

The suspects then started shooting at police. One of the officers returned fire hitting one of the suspects. He continued running until he collapsed. Police say the other suspect got away.

Hundreds of protesters and locals are out on Page and Walton where a St. Louis man was shot today by St. Louis police officers. The suspect fired on police before he was shot dead.

The rumor on the street is that local channels 2, 4 and 5 pulled their reporters because the situation is very dangerous.

Police were out earlier after the shooting. Bottles were thrown at police.

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