Police Release 3D Sketch of Lane Bryant Mass Murder Suspect

(ABC) Tinley Park police have released a new 3D sketch of the man suspected of killing five women at a Lane Bryant store on Feb. 2, 2008.

The new image is an enhanced version of the original sketch made from an eyewitness account in 2008. The new image was prepared by Michigan State Police to provide a more life-like representation of the suspect.

“We hope this enhanced version will lead to the identification of the suspect in this horrible crime,” Tinley Park Police Chief Steve Neubauer said.

The suspect is a man between 6′ and 6’2″ tall with a husky build and broad shoulders. He appeared to be 25-35 years old at the time, which would make him 35-45 today. He has a medium to dark skin tone.

At the time of the murders, the suspect wore braided hair with three to five puffy corn rows pulled together toward the back of his head. One braid hung down the right cheek and had four light green beads on the end.

The man wore a dark-colored waist-length jacket and black jeans with embroidery on the back pockets similar to a cursive “G” and was also wearing a charcoal gray ski/skull cap, police said.
The ABC7 I-Team spoke with the families of the victims for a report at 10 p.m. Thursday.

The suspect’s voice can be heard by calling (866) 853-6222 or by visiting tinleypark.org.

Article Org: abc7chicago.com

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