Police Chiefs Conference in Chicago 2019

Last week The International Association of Chiefs of Police ..conference .was held at McCormick Convention center in Chicago, Chiefs from all over the country attended and so did International chiefs from around the world, what the IACP really is, is a giant Toys R Us for cops, walking through the convention center looking at all the new technology, weapons, vehicles and many other things made me realize how important technology is to the men and women of law enforcement, Technology is the future and is a leading contributor in fighting crime at every level.

And the conference didn’t go without controversy, Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson, decided to boycott President Trumps speech to the Chiefs, he stated it was about Chicago values, but what it’s really about is the political sanctuary city policy Chicago as adopted.

I believe Eddie Johnson made a huge mistake, and it is the same mistake the political structure is making. By him not showing up to meet the president was disrespectful to the Office of the president. I can’t help wondering what additional help the president would have provided to the Men and women of the CPD had Johnson just sucked it up and attended. and don’t forget this what could have been provided to the CPD that could have helped the people living in the war zones of Chicago, he failed you the people on Multiple fronts, all for the rights of people that don’t legally belong in this country.

I find it ironic that Eddie Johnson the top law enforcement officer in Chicago tells us, to follow local state and federal laws, and there he is contradicting himself while violating federal immigration laws.

The truth is Trump is right about some of what he said, but to be fare under Johnson the men and women of the CPD have seen significant reductions Murders are down 11% year-to-date and 31% over the last three years, Shootings are down 11% year-to-date and 39% over the last three years. And I know this to be true because I’m out there watching and listening to what’s happening in the streets.

And Mr. President with all due respect, if Chicago is an embarrassment to the country then so are 20 other cities because Chicago in 2019 was ranked the 21st most violent city in America, and this is based on population the number 1 most violent city in the country is St louis not Chicago Mr. President. The truth is we have a national epidemic of violence in this country and we are forcing are cops on a national level to fight this war with one hand tied behind their backs. I don’t know who the cop is that told you this mess here in Chicago can be cleaned up in one day, is just not true, it sounds like a fairy tale, it took 50 years to create this nightmare and its going to take years to mop up this mess, ya see the states attorney is giving a free pass to criminals and cops arrest violent gun offenders and the courts in some cases put them right back in the streets, and we know the department has been compromised by the political structure, and the truth is the entire swamp in Chicago needs to be drained, and only then can we start the clean up process.

Eddie Johnson embarrassed the cops in Chicago, in front of the countries and the worlds police chiefs. Had you attended the president’s speech I think much could have been accomplished and I think the tone of the president’s speech would have been much different, you slammed the door in the face of the president, and he had every right to be pissed off, and he was, With all due respect Mr. Johnson, I think a cop that’s political will fail in the end and I know firsthand the rank and file don’t like it, that’s for sure, what Chicago needs is leadership that is thicker skinned and can shelve their ideological leanings and work for the citizens of Chicago. unfortunately, that’s not happening under the present leadership.

The IACP petitioned the board to sanction Supt. Johnson for skipping Trump’s speech, the past president claims it’s a violation of the group’s rules to steer clear of politics.
And the Chicago police union’s board of directors voted “no confidence” in Johnson’s leadership.

V Maggio

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