Part 6 Grants World Halloween Trick or Treating and the Pumpkin Patch

(Grants World) Halloween started for grant days before the trick or treating started I decided to take him to the pumpkin patch at first, he was a bit impatient as I set up the cameras.

Grant kept popping his head out the window to see what was taking me so long he was wearing his brother Sprites Halloween tie proudly.

He never seen pumpkins before, so I left up to him to pick out a good pumpkin and he did he seemed to like the white pumpkin better then the orange ones, go figure ha
He really enjoyed the pumpkin patch, but I decided to bring him back tomorrow except this time with his mommy, so she could ride on the hayride with grant. after the pumpkin patch grant and I cruised the neighborhood while he hung out the window looking at Halloween decorations

The next day Grant and I took his mommy to the pumpkin patch to ride the tractor hayride and surprisingly he and his mommy thoroughly enjoyed the ride
We wanted granted to experience the full Halloween experience, so we took him to the best haunted house in the city.

And now its time to go trick or treating

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