Part 5 Vic BLASTS, CPD, who is Bloody Chicago?

THIS VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH BEST ONE OF ALL Vic Maggio of Bloody Chicago lays it all out in this video, bullshit investigation, corruption, inept Cops, unprofessional cops, talking about me some kind a punk ass bitch that got beat down by a bunch of tough guys they were actually a bunch of pussies that punked me from behind with a brick and some cops made them sound like defending hero’s because I was the guy bleeding, and you two DUMB Cops thought it was funny when I was in the ambulance bleeding well now you will be laughed at you cause the jokes on you 3 Bad Cops, its all in the videos about just how wrong you were, because of you I now feel compelled to defend my integrity, my record everything I worked for over a decade to create the respectable position I presently have, you 3 cops tried to take it from me and now I am going to turn the tables on you, will you be respectable next time you take the stand to testify against a suspect all they have to do is show these videos and then they will see what type of cops you are, and out the door goes your credibility and it could already be the case for all know. The 3 of you cops are a disgrace to the badge. SHAME on YOU’s To be fare I put all 4 CPD body-cam videos up uncut in there entirety. Vic Maggio Bloody Chicago, No offense to the good cops doing the job Right !!!!!!!!!

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  1. James
    May 13, 2020 at 12:35 am

    You should file a Civil lawsuit against the restaurant for damages.

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