Part 4 Bike Cop 2 Ricobenes Attack

I would like to first start out by thanking all the Chicago Cops, Firemen, Paramedics and all the hospital personal and everyone else working on the front lines during this Chinese Corona Virus pandemic please stay safe and healthy our prayers are with you, god bless all of you. Most of the public just do not realize how important you are to the general public until something like this happens. This cop realized what none of the other cops did he pulled a gun but look at his head. i took the hits because i didn’t want them to get hold of my gun, and i didnt want to pull my gun with so many civilians and children out with their parents on fathers day. who better then me knows about gun violence and what a gun in the wrong hands can do. never was i given credit by any of the CPD cops for being a responsible concealed carry holder. in this situation i did everything i could not to pull my gun and ya see what happened because i didn’t

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