Part 2 Grants World Studio Tour 2020

I took a lot of time and gave it a lot of thought when I built grants world studio no detail was overlooked.

We have multiple cameras and proper lighting that brings Grants Studio to life, I think the hardest part I built was the roof it took 1200 doll house shingles to complete, over the 8 weeks of construction grant was there overseeing the job, as each piece was completed he was there to inspect it.

The first piece of the puzzle laid was the grass then the house then his front door, on his front door is his mom and dad and in the other photo on the door is Grants 2 sisters and 3 brothers, the inside of his house has a fireplace and baby photos of and his brother sprite, the letters on the face of grants place was all hand painted and has multiple milk bones all over it and the arch is adorn with a special treat and his chimney stack is brick.

Grants porch pad was made by longtime friend Joyce she spent a lot of time drawing the pad painting it and then she sealed it with acrylic resin she also drew the inside fireplace back drop and inserted the mini photos of grant and sprite, and mat did all the graphics for grant world grant thanks both of you for all your hard work on this project.

I had a special fire hydrant memorial made for Sprite and then there is his daily newspaper the doggy News he has his own fenced in yard with a special tree stump picnic table he eats off of the foundation of the house is also brick and the colors chosen for the house were my friend johns recommendations turned out pretty good and the murals that surround grants world really bring it to life and if there is mail in his box this means there are comments on YouTube that need to be answered about grant. The address we choose is Sprites birthday, and then there is his toy box that is full already I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Grants world studio.

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