Part 1 Destroying America in the Name of Injustice

Bloody Chicago Video: I would like to now end this video but before I do I want to show you something, let’s talk about race and cops for a minute what you are seeing is a white bad cop killing a black man by leaning his knee on his neck for over 8 minutes until he stopped breathing and died, and this was done with the supervision of 3 other bad cops.

Now look at the left screen, this white Illinois state trooper and a female trooper removed wounded 23-year-old Shaquille Dirkans for from the car and seen he was shot in the back of the neck area, the white trooper assisted by a white female trooper, laid the man down on the ash fault and administered CPR, for over ten minutes he worked on this black young man trying to save his life, it was like he was one of his own family members and this was a very dramatic and tense ten minutes and I know this because I was there. The young man died minutes after the paramedics arrived and I could see the disappointment in both of those troopers’ eyes. And I’m sure this event will revisit them over and over in their dreams.

There are two sides the cop coin and these two incidents are the very best and the very worst in policing what should be done is, the cop that killed George Floyd should have his day in court, convicted and needs to be made an example of, a life sentence will send a message to others that want to do things like this and that would end this horrible chapter in policing for now.

And the two Illinois State troopers that tried to save that young man’s life, they should be appreciated respected and celebrated and modeled not vilified and attacked for something they had nothing to do with.

I have been right about a lot of things over my career and I got to tell ya I see him I see the devil in the rearview mirror and everyday he is gaining ground we are at a crucial crossroad in this city and country and we better return the power to the people and then turn this policing situation around before we get to the point, of no return.

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