Obama Looks for Economic Advice from Race Baiters, Community Agitators


Community leaders arrived at the White House for the big economic extravaganza on Thursday Feb 22nd.The list of characters includes the Rev. Al Sharpton, NAACP president Ben Jealous and Avis Jones-DeWeever, executive director of the National Council of Negro Women and many other so called community leaders. The President reiterated his commitment to supporting policies that will directly impact those hardest hit (meaning minorities) by the economic crisis that his economic policies have made much, much worse. The President also wants to increase access to job training programs in high-poverty communities for jobs that do not exist and will not magically appear because this group sits down with Obama.

A word of advice Mr. President, the private sector must create the jobs first, then we train people to fill them. The President and his group of community agitators expressed a shared concern about the need to implement common-sense improvements to the voting process, because our democracy works best when every American shuts the hell up, and lets the democrats control the narrative and the dialogue connected to the issues.

The President praised the participants for their steadfast leadership in supporting the “beat down/ keep down” of their fellow citizens and the successful disinformation campaign launched by all of them which helped in the President’s reelection. These race baiters and community agitators realize that without the poor and disenfranchised they would be irrelevant and would not be there sitting with you Mr. President. We also know you need the minorities to continue to remain poor and disenfranchised in order to continue to keep this groups hopes alive in remaining relevant in the community, so they can continue to disperse 50 more years of economic misery.

This White House meeting was a joke from start to finish. These “wizards of smart” getting together could mean only one thing, more pain for the minority communities around the country because everything these people involve themselves with goes to shit. This group meeting with Obama today does not help to bring jobs to the minority communities, in fact what they really do is actually the exact opposite to the community at large. These so called community leaders do not condemn the failed family welfare structure or try to repair it. They actually need this chaos to continue so it deflects from what is truly happening in the welfare society that created the fatherless black community that leaves 70% of young black children without fathers. This fatherless welfare society is a democrat creation that is solely responsible for the sky rocketing murder rates in Chicago and many other cities around the country.

Power hungry thugs like this don’t help African American minority’s in fact they insight them to act out in frustration and continue to pull the race card up every chance they get. All of this misery directed at African Americans is brought on by failed policies and programs supported by this group of misfits who stand side by side with President “Destruct O”. All kidding aside Mr. Obama, if you had a genuine desire to help the African American community you would bring in real community leaders like Dr. Ben Carson or Herman Cain .These are the men that
have the solutions for what ails the Black minority communities while you Mr President and your bunch of misfits do not.

Article Org: Weekly Standard.com

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