No Joke: Jackson Jr. and Senior Co-authored a Book Titled “It’s All About The Money”


Jesse L. Jackson Jr., the former Illinois Democratic congressman who admitted stealing 750.000 in campaign funds for personal enrichment, once co-authored a book about the importance of financial planning and stealing wealth. Jackson wrote the 1999 book “It’s About the Money!” along with his father, the civil rights race baiter Jackson Sr. The book’s subtitle is, “How You Can Get Out of Debt, Build Wealth, and Achieve Your Financial Dreams.” steal from your constituency of course.

The book includes “many inspiring stories of people who have learned how to manage their money, (I am sure this excludes Jessie Jr), and plan for the future by building a nest egg,” and not with poor voters money. Who would have thought, I bet this book becomes a best seller with the rest of the thieves in Congress now that Jessie has come clean.

Article Org: Bloomberg

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