NASA’s James Hansen Warn’s of Future Eco-Terror Threats at D.C. Rally

On February 17. 2013 protestors marched in Washington to the U.S. Capitol calling for a ban on all forms of energy oil, coal, gas & nuclear’ And they called for end to capitalism. NASA’s James Hansen, the main Eco-Terrorist and ex-con is inspiring these green nut jobs to further potential acts of Eco terrorism. James Hansen just announced it’s ‘game over’ for the climate if we approve the keystone pipeline. He was arrested for the 4th time this past week protesting the pipeline. Hansen has endorsed a book calling for ridding the world of industrial civilization, for blowing up dams and razing cities to the ground and turning off our greenhouse gas machine.

This means we must live in the dark and freeze in order to save the planet. Protesters believe in Hansen’s doomsday prophecy and are willing to act on his big bag of lies about the present state of the planet. This man incites and poisons weak minded people to commit acts of Eco terrorism in the name of saving a serial killer planet, that sheds us like so many unwanted flees everyday. These people are a bunch of uneducated props being used to further an agenda that would take trillions of dollars out of the hands of the American people in the name of saving a planet. These arrogant fools believe they can control the planet through acts of terror and or legislation, take a long look around at all the things these wizards of smart cannot control in everyday life, shootings, crime, debt, murderous regimes killing millions all over the globe, these events they can not control, so what makes them think they can stop tornado’s, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, or even asteroids from continually killing inhabitants of this planet. The is fact is they can’t.

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