Muslim Youths Attack Several Christians and Behead Pastor In Tanzania


Tanzanian Muslims are waging war on Christianity, A Pastor from the assembly of God Church was decapitated by an outraged Muslim mob demanding all non-halal butcher shops and especially pork butchery’s be shut down and outlawed immediately. It has been reported that a group of youths believed to be Muslim, assaulted several Christians, including a butcher shop owner, using sticks and machetes in the attacks.

Christians of a small village in Southern Egypt are attempting to rebuild their lives and homes after hundreds of angry Muslims rampaged through their community firebombing houses and businesses, over rumors of a romantic relationship between a Christian and a Muslim.

In Nigeria, the terror group Boko Haram is attempting to impose Islamic law on the country. Recently representatives of Boko Haram visited a small village picked out Christians, gathered them in a group before massacring every one of them. 15 people died in the terror attack; many of the dead had had their throats slit.

These are not isolated attacks they are well organized attacks that target Christianity and take place in Muslim dominated shit holes mainly in the Middle and East Africa. In most of these countries it is government sanctioned violence, that burns down churches and imprison parishioners, the religion of “peace” isn’t so peaceful is it?

Article Org: Weasel
Photo Org: Irish Central

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