Muslim Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped”, Arrested for Trying to Rape Woman


A 36-year-old Danish man Shahi Mehdi is in a special position of authority as a Muslim scholar. Mehdi is the Imam of the Islamic Religious Community mosque in Dortheavej in Copenhagen; he is the protagonist in a bizarre sex case, which will soon be dealt with in court in Malmö. Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö. The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later. The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable.

She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head. The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that the man followed her, she told police. The man gave up his project, and disappeared into some bushes, he was arrested soon after. During the interrogation he refused to plead guilty and believes that the accusation is based on racism because he has Pakistani roots.

It’s unknown whether or not the woman was wearing a Hijab, or whether her dog was wearing a Hijab. Either way a Muslim court would have found her guilty. Unfortunately for him all this is taking place in Europe where the lack of a Hijab has not been widely accepted as justification for attempted sexual assault. The religion of peace and respect shows their true colors once again

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  3 comments for “Muslim Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped”, Arrested for Trying to Rape Woman

  1. Nikolas Joy
    April 7, 2013 at 9:12 am

    ‘The religion of peace and respect shows their true colors once again’?! You are an idiot. This guy is a pevert who is hiding behind religion to be a pervert. No it’s not okay to pull your penis out in public for any reason. So, every criminal represents his/her religion? That comment was ridiculous and you should do a little more research on facts before you make yourself look like a DICK for the world to see (pun intended).

  2. aziza muslim
    May 17, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I do not know if this news true or not but whatever any muslim does any thing wrong that is not because Islam , but because himself . because Islam does not allow for any person to do any thing bad to people , especially women , Islam saves women and gives them rules . Islam does not allow anyone to offend to women whether wear Hijabs or not . this man offended to himself not to islam , as I said if this news is true . !!!!

  3. s.a
    May 17, 2013 at 10:53 am

    this man is hiding behind religion he is not real muslim . in Islam there is not any thing like this behavior and if this man was in muslim country he will be Punishable . Islam not like this man . it is the truth religion . I want anyone read this news to search about the reality of Islam .

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