Maurice Granton CPD Shooting Video, Still Leaves Questions

On May 7th 2018, A 24 year old man was shot by a Chicago cop in the at 47th Street in the city’s Bronzeville neighborhood, 24-year-old Maurice Granton Jr., had been on CPD’s radar. He was spotted on a police POD camera, a cop approached Granton on a narcotics investigation, he got up and ran as he hopped the first fence the officer chasing him injured his foot and fell to the ground moments later one gunshot can be heard – then three gunshots in a row. It’s not clear who fired the shots.

The cop that shot Granton appears to be shooting him as he was trying to scale a fence, no confrontation can be seen when he was shot, but we do not know what transpired before he was shot, CPD claims the cop fired 3 shots, and Granton fired the other shot.

Police also shared a picture of the gun that was recovered from the scene CPD Claims this was the gun Granton was carrying that night.

CPD did release the video but did not release the results from ballistics tests and lab reports on the gun Granton allegedly fired. This is a great example why the public gets pissed, release it all, because if CPD Doesn’t, the public starts to think a cover up is in the making.

People say just because they run doesn’t give cops the right to shot them, I agree, unless, they are running and or pointing or firing a gun in the process, but the other side of the argument is they can’t shoot these guys if they Don’t Run, so why run and take the chance of being shot by a cop.

Take the 18-month hit instead 18 months in the cube on a gun or drug charge is better than being put in a box underground for eternity. What decision would you make? My Dad always told me don’t fight cops or run from them in the streets, if you do you will lose, he said you want to beat the cops, then beat them in a court of Law, you can’t lose your life that way.

What bothers me most about this video is no aid was given to this man after he was shot laying on the ground for at least 4 minutes, one officer walks over and looks down and does nothing to help him. Why???

There is more to this shooting than meets the eye, I guess we have no choice but to wait for the bureaucracy to release the remaining facts, one day.

V Maggio

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