Massive Police Presence Kept the Peace at RNC, DNC Conventions in 2012

In 2012 the Republican National Convention was held in Tampa Florida, the city of Tampa was on high alert because of radical groups like Occupy Wall Street, the Black Panther Party, and fringe groups like the Westboro Baptists Church, weeks before the convention radical groups were making threats all over social media to create problems at the convention, these groups were preparing to go to WAR with police in the streets their goal was to create anarchy with Saul Alinsky radical tactics which they hoped would ultimately SHUT IT DOWN.

The Political leadership in Tampa was mostly worried about Occupy Wall Street, because of how violent the group was a week earlier at the NATO summit in Chicago in 2012, The group had many confrontations with Chicago Police over those couple of days I was in two Black Bloc type actions over a two-day period, these people were serious about making their points through mob action what it was really about was putting fear into the political leadership.

On the first day Occupy Wall Street descended upon the RNC Convention like a conquering army, they were all revved up and ready to battle the police, their numbers on that first day were many, as they marched towards the convention center it seemed like clear sailing until they got within 6 blocks of the convention center and the helicopters could be heard and then seen as they moved directly over the protesters that’s when they knew the police were waiting.

What protesters didn’t know was Tampa Police were prepared for them and waiting in large numbers. The Tampa police chief knew that a massive show of force was the only way to derail the planned violence that was coming.

When Protesters hit the heart of the city the police were everywhere you looked it was now clear to the protesters that the city of Tampa was no fucking around and wasn’t going to tolerate their antics. They tried their hardest to provoke the police but the sheer numbers and the site of fully militarized police seemed to just take the wind out of their sails.

Protesters were so pissed off at the large police presence they took out their anger on RNC delegates and attendees. Due to the overwhelming police presence and the tactic called corralling the police kept the protesters in check like a large group of cattle being moved across the plains, this tactic kept the violence in check and ultimately tired the protesters out.

Maggio News took some time to sit down with 2 Black Bloc Anarchists and 6 Occupy Wall Street Protesters for an interview, in the interview the group could not help showing their frustration over the large police presence, that was stopping them from destroying property in downtown Tampa. A couple of other Black Block Occupy Wall Street members were so mad they told me something that made my day.

The Republican National Convention was mostly peaceful there where minimal arrests only because of the staggering number of police that were brought in from all over the state to keep the peace. When the Occupy protesters left Tampa that last day they looked beaten and broken. A couple of days later I arrived at Democrat National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina and the same members of the occupy movement had arrived in force and once again well rested and ready to make trouble for the democrats who support them and their causes. When I entered the city of Charlotte to my surprise I saw more police officers in Charlotte than I did in Tampa, this larger display of force was so telling to me, what it revealed to me was Democrats were clearly scared of their own creation.

Ronald Reagan said “peace through strength” I only hope that the leaders in Cleveland and Philadelphia will follow Ronald Reagan’s wise words and will go to the same lengths as the leadership did in Tampa and Charlotte did to STOP these people from destroying their cities. Past history has shown us what groups like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers are all about, their HEARTS are all filled with HATE and RACISM they are coming to the conventions to do one thing and one thing only disrupt and destroy. I strongly believe these groups are setting the stage for Marshall Law in this Country.

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