Man Shot, Killed by Round Lake Police, Tested Positive for LSD

A 22-year-old man who was shot and killed by a Round Lake police officer in September had suffered four gunshot wounds, along with abrasions and contusions on his forehead and face, according to Lake County coroner’s office records.

Michael Robert Musson’s toxicology report also showed that there was LSD in his system at the time of his death, according to the records.

As the Lake County Major Crime Task Force finishes its investigation of the Sept. 2 incident and prepares to hand off its findings to the state’s attorney’s office, the records from the coroner’s office shed new light on the incident that left Musson dead and a Round Lake police officer on paid administrative leave per department regulations surrounding officer-involved shootings.

A coroner’s report from Nov. 14 identifies Musson as a field supervisor in the audio-visual industry who was never married and whose parents live in Grayslake. Musson’s driver’s license said he was from Grayslake, but authorities said at the time of the shooting he had been living near the incident.

Deputy Coroner Robert K. James Jr. arrived at the scene of the shooting, on North Macgillis Drive in Round Lake, at 1:25 a.m.; Musson had been pronounced dead a couple of hours earlier, at 11:15 p.m. James’ report says Musson was in the neighborhood hanging out with friends, and authorities received a call that someone was trying to break into residences and breaking globe lights along a lit trail between the rows of homes.

A Round Lake police officer responded and approached the man. Authorities said in September that Musson was holding a piece of glass when he was confronted by the officer, who was alone. James’ report does not say whether Musson was armed with glass or any other weapon.

The report says Musson became “agitated and violent” and got into a physical altercation with the female police officer. A neighbor called 911 to report that Musson was attacking the officer. He continued to attack, and the officer then fired “several shots striking the decedent,” James reported.

James found droplets of blood and broken glass on a trail leading to Musson’s body. He also noticed “signs of struggle in the vegetation,” and there was an ejected gun magazine and an expandable baton still in its sheath near the body. Musson’s body was resting in a wooded area.

“The decedent had many scratches and abrasions to the face and body,” James wrote.

When James informed Musson’s father about his son’s death the next day, he became “very upset” and told James “he last spoke with his son just yesterday,” records show. The father was unsure why his son was in Round Lake and denied that Musson used medication or illegal drugs, according to James’ report. When shown a picture of the body, the father identified it as his son, the report said.

Attempts to reach the Round Lake Police Department and Musson’s family were unsuccessful.

The death was ruled a homicide, and the cause was “multiple gunshot wounds.”

Musson’s body was examined by a doctor Sept. 4 for an autopsy. The report shows Musson had gunshot wounds on the upper right side of his back, the lower right side of his abdomen and the back of his lower right leg. He also had a graze wound on his left hip. It was unclear, according to the report, where Musson was shot first.

The doctor ruled that Musson likely died within seconds to a minute. The police officer was treated at an area hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, authorities said at the time of the shooting.

A witness, Macgillis Drive resident Donna Kelly, told the News-Sun in September that Musson was swinging a large stick and tackled the police officer. When the officer was able to push him off her, Kelly said, Musson went after her again, and the officer fired at him. Musson continued to charge, according to Kelly, and the officer fired more shots before Musson went down.

A toxicology report found that there was caffeine and LSD in Musson’s system. He did not test positive for alcohol or any other drugs.

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