Mainstream Media Ignores Planned Parenthood Protest in Chicago


On Tuesday July 28th 2015 a protest was held in Millennium Park across the street from Planned Parenthoods 6th floor Loop Clinic at 18th and Michigan in Chicago. The pro-life group heading the protest here and across the nation is #WomenBetrayed, this groups goal is to bring national attention to the crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood, they are also calling on the political powers that be to investigate prosecute and defund Planned Parenthood.

In the wake of the horrific videos that were recently released on Planned Parenthoods baby harvesting operation one would have thought there would be a larger outcry from Chicago’s women. The reason I say this is because the protest was extremely small considering the recent revelations , there was about 100 people give or take a few this I was not expecting, what I was expecting was what I found! NO Mainstream media trucks vans or reporters, I mingled amongst the crowd and found a handful of small media organizations and bloggers like me, the big five media outlets in Chicago must have had better things to cover?.

I have covered progressive and conservative based gatherings / protests in Chicago for 5 years and like clockwork the same scenario plays out every time, reporters line up 2 and 3 deep for Democrat, Progressive, and Liberal events, and sometimes reporters even outnumber the active participants at these leftist events. When it comes to conservative or pro-life events the media minimally covers the event or just doesn’t show up at ALL. The Mainstream Medias scant overall coverage of this HORRIFIC Planned Parenthood story is one more example of just how far the media is willing to go to keep the truth from you the American public.

There is another National day of protest against Planned Parenthood scheduled for Saturday August 22nd at Planned Parenthoods Flagship Mega Center in Aurora Illinois; the two groups sponsoring the event are Pro-Life Action League and #WomenBetrayed. We will have to see if the Mainstream media shows up to cover this future protest? Don’t hold your breath America.

Article By: Vic Maggio

Tuesday July 28th 2015

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  1. July 29, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. I lived in the Chicago area (and Northwest Indiana) all my life and the statist media is fueled and run by libtards. Not only are they disgraceful, in many cases they are downright sloppy & stupid. Just read some of the reports, especially on the All Barack Channel – they are the worst. Thanks for covering this & being out there, Vic.

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