Maggio News Mascot, Sprite, Passed Away Today at Age, 12

Memorial Video: ALERT: At 2:05 pm on Friday the 13th, Sprite Maggio passed away after a 14 week fight with one of the most aggressive forms of cancer a dog could get, he was diagnosed before thanksgiving, we spared no expense in trying to keep him with us longer, he gave the cancer a valiant fight, but today lost the battle. Sprite was a unique personality to say the least, he was our best friend, and he was my pal my guy and my right-hand man, and he was our companion, and a shoulder to lean on. He was a fisherman, a frog hunter, a squirrel and geese chaser, a swimmer, a car window surfer, and explorer, he loved eating burgers in the car with his dad, Rice Krispies were his favorite late-night snack, and really loved strawberries, he had the biggest golf ball collection of any dog, and he liked searching for golf balls with his mom along the driving range, he also liked his tennis balls, but loved his ripped up nerf football. Sprite was a very wise dog he knew things about the human condition that most human beings could never begin to grasp when it came to life and death, he could sense things that only a handful of us have been privileged to experience.

Throughout his short life Sprite succeeded where most human beings failed. He made Maggie and I into more loving and compassionate human beings, that’s for sure. A lot of people don’t know this, but Sprite was a famous dog in Chicago he was the Maggio News & Bloody Chicago, mascot for 10 years, he had his own page at, he has had a magazine article written about him, he stared in half a dozen Bloody Chicago Videos and two of his own videos. Sprite leaves behind Maggie and me, we are both heartbroken and devastated by this tragedy, our future is now uncertain, we were both touched in so many ways by this little dog, as were so many others. To my Pal my friend and my number one guy you taught us many things you will be forever in our hearts rest in peace my BEST friend, your mommy and daddy love you and miss you.

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  1. Jim Fahlstedt
    March 15, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    We lost Maddie (Doodle) our old dachshund on December 13. She was a great little dog and is very much missed. I know how you feel.

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