Los Angeles Teachers Union Endorses Racist, Socialist for L.A.City Council Seat


LOS ANGELES – United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) made an eye opening statement about its radical political principles when the union endorsed Ron Gochez for L.A. City Council this month. This endorsement is telling for a couple of reasons, Gochez is an extreme left-wing L.A. teacher known for racist, anti-American rants. He also has decades-long ties to the African People’s Socialist Party – which is very open and passionate about its hated of Jews, whites, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Koreans – basically everyone.

The UTLA didn’t have to endorse him, the union’s leadership wanted to, there are 12 candidates running for the one seat, but the UTLA endorsed two: Gochez and State Sen. Curren Price, who is much more likely to win, according to California Political News. These are just a few of the racially charged statements made by Ron Gochez, Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor, motherf_cker, “boot-licking n_ gger” who needs someone to “whup his ass.” Martin Luther King Jr. was a “negro” leading black people back onto the plantation in a way that was advantageous to white liberals and the black petty bourgeoisie. Jessie Jackson is an “old Uncle Tom n_gger” because of work he did in North Carolina when he went and worked with those honkies down there. Why the Los Angeles Teachers Union endorsed Gochez could mean only one thing, the Union Bosses agree with him on ideological lines or they did not do their homework on the candidate, this endorsement by the Los Angeles Teachers Union, is very revealing on the one hand and very disturbing on the other.

Article Org: EAG NEWS.org

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